How to Choose the Best Laptop for Music Production and Podcasting

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If you are a musician, producer, or a professional DJ, you need to have the best laptop for music production, packed right next to your headphones. This is essential. You must get a computer with great processors and a fast RAM .This will enable the best music production laptop to handle multiple music tracks. You must have a fast SSD and a spacious hard drive or both. Again, this is vital because as a music producer, you’ll be working with massive files.

Remember that, as a musician, you’re often on the road, touring. You require a laptop that can handle the hassle. You don’t necessarily need to go for some of the best-rugged laptops. Nevertheless, you should find a laptop that won’t fall apart

easily. In this regard, a thin and light Ultrabook would likely do wonders for you.

Best Laptops for Music Production

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch (2018)

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch (2018)

👑LaptopFella Top Pick
  • 2.3 GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 Processor
  • Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655
  • Ultrafast SSD
  • Four Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports
2 Razer Blade Stealth 13.3″

Razer Blade Stealth 13.3″

  • 8th Generation Intel Quad Core i7-8550U
  • QHD+ 3200 x 1800 touchscreen display
  • Wide viewing angles of up to 178°
3 Huawei MateBook 13

Huawei MateBook 13

  • Thin, light & portable
  • 8th Gen Intel Core i5 8265U Processor
  • 2K (2160x1440) TouchScreen Display


While, for most musicians, the MacBook Pro may be the automatic pick, your choice of the best laptop designed for music production may be different.

To make your work easy in this regard, we have endeavored to include an exclusive price comparison tool in this post. This will ensure that, while buying, you’re settling for the best deal ever

Let us now proceed with our discussion on the selection of the best laptop for music production.

Apple MacBook Pro 2018

How to Choose the Best Laptop for Music Production and Podcasting

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Taking the top spot for the best laptop made for music production is the Apple Macbook Pro. The MacBook Pro model was first released in 2015. It is a thin, lightweight and compact 13-inch laptop which is delightedly lightweight and satisfies all desirable portability features.

The laptop features a 7th generation 2.3 GHz dual-core Intel i5 processor. The superb processor, along with an SSD, enables the MacBook to load quickly and handle a multiplicity of software functions.

This sleek machine has long dominated its class, for years. The Macbook Pro is a ubiquitous machine. This means you can easily carry it on the go. It is portable in all your music production activities, whether on the road, in the DJ booth, your home studios or anywhere else. Moreover, the MacBook Pro offers the sole platform for the functionality of the Logic Pro X.

Head to Head

For a long time, PC users have generally been confined to their beloved desktop format. Times are changing fast. With the rise of the gaming laptops and the ultrabook, Apple’s domination of the world music production, whether in mobile form, or otherwise, is now threatened. The world-renowned firm is now competing head to head with Microsoft, Samsung, Dell, Asus, MSI, Lenovo, Acer, and Huawei.

Let us consider some favorite features of the vastly improved MacBook Pro 2018 laptop.


The MacBook Pro 2018 laptop has the following notable features:

  • CPU: Quad-core Intel Core i5 – i7
  • Graphics: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655
  • RAM: 8GB – 16GB
  • Screen: 13.3-inch, (2,560 x 1,600) IPS
  • Storage: 128GB – 2TB PCIe 3.0 SSD

If you wish to acquire the latest and best laptop from Apple, we suggest you consider buying the 13 inch 2018 model of the MacBook Pro with a touch bar. With this new brand, Apple has come out swinging to compete with Microsoft, offering some greatly improved specs for the MacBook Pro 2018.

If you decide to get the larger 15-inch model of the MacBook, you will enjoy more enhanced features. The headline touch bar that features a thin OLED display at the keyboard top can be used for a variety of functions.

Apple Diehard

The MacBook Pro 2018 certainly retains Apple’s sense of style. It, however, comes at a cost.  The MacBook Pro is a pretty pricey machine. If you are not up to the budget, you may wish to consider one of the Windows models as a viable alternative.

If you are okay with switching to a PC, you should definitely consider the likes of the excellent Mate Book X Pro or the XPS 13 model. But, if you are an Apple diehard, this is undoubtedly among the best laptops for music production that you can ever get anywhere.

RAM and Battery Life

The MacBook Pro comes from the shop with 8 gigs of ram. This is not particularly spectacular, but the good news is that it can be upgraded to 16 gigs.  Despite the model’s RAM being smaller, the MacBook is still a good option for those who wish to jot down a new idea digitally before it disappears into oblivion.

It is undoubtedly an excellent option for those who work in a studio set- up and want to check in on collaborations, access shared projects, or do some editing away from the office.

The MacBook boasts an impressive 10 hours of battery life. This is a bonus for those who must manage the workload on- the- go.



  • Weighs less than 2lbs.
  • Faster launching and importing.
  • Long battery life.

Razer Blade Stealth 13.3″

How to Choose the Best Laptop for Music Production and Podcasting

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If you are a regular user of the internet who seeks high-quality laptops, you probably know about the Razer Blade Stealth. This laptop is simply great for music production.

Here are the reasons:

Features of the Razer Blade Stealth

This laptop has the 8th generation Quad-Core i7-8550U. Happily, this will deal effectively with all your DAW and plugins processing issues. It has a 16GB RAM. Sadly, the RAM cannot be upgraded. Regardless, this laptop should still fill the basic needs of a traveling producer.

In addition, the Razer Blade Stealth has an NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 1060. This is useful for providing extra help for RAM usage during music production. It also helps with plugin processing.

One great feature in this laptop is the touchscreen display. Indeed, you can use this touchscreen to tweak your audio plugins and draw automation. The Razer has a 256 GB standard SSD storage, but you can upgrade this to a maximum 512GB. Of course, the 1TB version will cost you a bit more. For this reason, most music producers will likely opt to use the Razer Blade with an external hard disk.

Music Genius

Another quick workaround in solving this is to use the USB-C port. In this way, you can use an HDD or external SSD to load any projects, virtual instruments or plugins with ease. True, the USB-C is quite fast. To match this, you should make sure to get an external drive or SSD that is fast enough to save and load samples.

Although the Razer Blade Stealth is designed primarily for gaming, this laptop will perform very well for music production purposes. It is virtually a music genius.

The Razer blade stealth is a quad-core model that is available in the market. It has an up- to -date 8th generation i7 Intel processor. The sped is quite impressive. The Razer Blade is one of the fastest processing laptops we are set to examine in this post.


The laptop’s touchscreen affords it an added flexibility due to user-friendly navigation. It is quite ideal for curling up on the sofa and enjoying a wonderful experience.

It has a 16 gigs RAM. This makes it very suitable for popular digital audio workspaces. It works great for a beatmaker who produces substantial works.

It has 256 GB, with 13.3 screen size and rapid SSD storage. The Razer is a compact, highly portable laptop. The laptop’s battery should last for 6 hours when put to normal use.



  • Solid performance and quality.
  • Has a powerful USB-C.
  • +16 gig RAM.
  • + High speed 8th gen i7 processor.
  • + Touch- screen user interfacing.


  • Few upgrades.

PCAudioLabs (MC Mobile M7S)

How to Choose the Best Laptop for Music Production and Podcasting

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PC Audio Labs is well known for making computers and laptops for music producers. With PC Audio Labs, you get specialized Windows systems that are designed specifically for professional audio. When you compare this to most off-the-shelf laptops, which use Windows- built drivers, PC Audio Labs take it even further by tweaking these drivers specifically for music production.

The MC Mobile M7s is designed with an Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ. This machine can handle all of your processing in your DAW. Indeed, the PC Audio Labs systems (including the MC Mobile M7s), has been used to power DJ performances and score films. Gradually, it became the heart of most commercial recording studios. Moreover, you can upgrade the machine’s RAM to 64GB if you wish!

In terms of storage, you have the option of either the M.2/PCIe or an HDD. Such storage can be upgraded to fit your needs.

Lifetime Support

The purchase of PC AudioLabs’ products, including the custom PC, qualifies you for pro audio training from OBEDIA. OBEDIA is a well-known company which specializes in training music producers and solving technical matters. This is what sets them apart from big companies like Apple.

They also offer free phone and email tech support. This is a lifetime support that continues even after your warranty expires.

The PC Audio Lab is a highly customizable laptop.  If you like the idea of having a laptop built specifically for music production, this is it. You have it. PC Audio Lab is the answer.


  • The laptop is specific for music production.
  • Offers a lifetime phone and email support.
  • Customizable to fit your needs and budget.
  • You get pro -audio training from OBEDIA.


  • It is fairly costly.
  • Favors professional and intermediate producers who know their needs. As a beginner, it might be better to use an ordinary laptop.

Huawei MateBook 13

How to Choose the Best Laptop for Music Production and Podcasting

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The Huawei MateBook 13 may justifiably be described as the newest pick for the best laptop in the world. Indeed, Huawei MateBook 13 is probably the best laptop that money can buy in 2019.

After years of domination by the excellent Dell XPS 13, the MateBook 13 has turned out to be a brilliant and worthy challenger. The Mate is a gorgeously-designed laptop that comes with a stunning screen. It comes complete with cutting edge components that allow it to perform super- brilliantly.

Superior Battery Power

The laptop boasts a battery life that runs rings around most of its rivals. Although its price is highly competitive, the MateBook offers you excellent features, design, and performance for much less money.

Sadly, the MateBook is not available in many countries, so if you cannot get it, consider getting the Dell XPS 13, which is just as great.

Features of the MateBook 13

  • CPU: 8th generation Intel Core i5 – i7.
  • Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620.
  • Nvidia GeForce MX150 2GB GDDR5.
  • RAM: 8GB.
  • Screen: 13-inch 1440p (2,160 x 1,440).
  • Storage: 512GB SSD.


  • The MateBook 13 offers you superb performance.
  • Excellent value.
  • Nvidia graphics.
  • 8GB RAM.
  • No Thunderbolt.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus S Ultra Slim Gaming PC Laptop, 15.6”

How to Choose the Best Laptop for Music Production and Podcasting

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The Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701 has been described as the best gaming laptop for 2019. This is thanks to its powerful components including the latest graphics from Nvidia and a 6-core Intel processor.

This laptop is not only a brilliant performer, but it is also light and impressively thin, going by the standards of gaming laptops.  Interestingly, Asus’ Zephyrus laptops have always striven to push the boundaries of what gaming laptops can do. This new model is no different.

Pricey Machine

No wonder, it made it straight onto the best laptops list. It is available to pre-order, but some warning is in order: The Asus is a costly laptop. If you want something a bit more affordable, consider going for a laptop like the Acer Predator Helios.

Regardless, the Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701 is unique. On the surface, it is a typical gaming laptop that is portable. However, the layout of the keyboard and trackpad are unique and unlike that of any other notebook out there.


  • CPU: Intel Core i7-8750H
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080
  • (8GB GDDR6 VRAM, Max-Q)
  • RAM: 24GB
  • Screen: 7.3-inch FHD (1,920 x 1,080)
  • 144Hz panel
  • Storage: 1TB M.2 SSD

Superb Design

When the laptop is closed, you might think it is just like any other. The Asus ROG is built of brushed black magnesium. Some parts are plastic, giving it the feel of a very slim (21 millimeters) gaming machine.

Things get more attractive on the inside section. The Zephyrus keyboard slides to the bottom left of the base, placing the touchpad to the right. The effect mimics the configuration of a desktop keyboard and mouse. Although this set up is not productive, it is optimized for gaming when the external mouse is not available.

The backlight of the keyboard is so sophisticated that the color of each key is customizable. The overall system is quite large: a 17.3-inch screen with 1,920 by 1,080-pixel resolution. Its weight is 5.8 pounds.

Special Features

The unconventional layout of the Zephyrus keyboard is not the only exciting feature. The Zephyrus also features the Asus Active Aerodynamics System. This is the flap that opens on the laptop back when the screen is open. This enhances airflow and cooling.

At the same time, the Zephyrus is Pantone-validated. This means its colors have been certified and calibrated to be as accurate as possible. On the Inside, the Zephyrus has an Nvidia Optimus set up. This is a switchable graphics system that works to activate the high-end GPU when necessary. It otherwise sticks to the integrated graphics.

Volume Control

You can choose to command the system to use the dedicated GPU at all times. This improves the machine’s performance but limits its battery life. The Zephyrus’ charging system includes a standard dedicated charger. It can, however, accept power through the USB-C ports.

Nevertheless, the power flow is not quite efficient when you charge in this way.  One of the Zephyrus’ most favorite features is the small scroll wheel found above the keyboard. It is a user-friendly volume control that you can use to make adjustments smoother than through the available key.


While in optimum graphics mode, the Zephyrus battery can achieve five hours and 41 minutes run time. If you do a full-screen video playback, the Zephyrus battery nearly triples the capacity of the Scar II model.  However, if you fully engage the dedicated GPU, the battery life plummets to less than half. Significantly, the power would go even lower if the battery were used for gaming.


You don’t get the Zephyrus cheaply. It has an average $2,500 price tag. This puts the product in the same class with only a few other laptops on the market. It costs a whopping $1,000 higher than the Scar II, for instance. If raw performance is what you want, you can get that for less money elsewhere. However, if you want a distinct, unique experience, nothing comes close to the ROG Zephyrus S. Run for it if you can!


  • The Zephyrus offers high-end capabilities.
  • The laptop has a 2.6 GHz Core i7-9750H CPU. This is perhaps, the first ninth-generation Core CPU found on a laptop.
  • It has 16 GB of RAM.
  • 1 TB SSD
  • Features the Nvidia’s latest GPU, the GeForce RTX 2070. This also represents new technology.The old GTX line didn’t have this.
  • It has two USB-Cs and two full-size USB 3.1 ports
  • A full-size HDMI output,
  • A relatively powerful configuration.
  • Brilliant performance
  • Gorgeous design
  • Very expensive


Short battery life.

How Can You Choose the Best Laptop for Music Production?

Finding the best laptop for music production depends on a few key factors. You must put into consideration questions like what operating system you prefer to use and which audio workstation you will use.

Let us now consider some of the recommended features for a few of the most popular DAWs:


  • + 64-bit operating system
  • + Intel or AMD Multicore (i5 recommended)
  • + 8GB RAM (or faster)
  • + 18GB hard drive space (More is required for extra content)

Logic Pro 10

  • + MacOS 10.12
  • + 2.3GHz i5 or higher.
  • + 4GB of RAM.
  • + 6GB install disk space. You require an extra 57GB for a full sound library.

Ableton Live

  • + Windows 7, MacOS X.
  • + 64bit Intel or AMD multi-core (i5 recommended).
  • + 4GB minimum RAM( 8GB recommended).
  • + 3GB for basic installation, 5-76 GB for extra sound content.

Unique Specifications

Each DAW has a unique set of specifications needed to run it. Sometimes that precludes any add-ons or external plugins required.  Further, VST instruments may be difficult to run, especially if they are densely layered. This is especially true of orchestral suites.

Many popular DAWs will not function on less than an i5, 2.3 GHz dual-core processor. For this reason, your laptop processor’s capacity is vital to its performance and the whole audio production.

Tech Savvy

Remember that, the DAW sometimes limits the OS choice. Nevertheless, if you are tech-savvy, some software solutions exist such as virtual machines to mimic other operating systems.  This could work if you have no alternative.

Although many producers consider the Mac as the musical mac-daddy, a good number of DAWs can run on most operating systems.  There is little technicality in the final analysis.

Remember also that MacBooks can overheat after long use and, therefore, sometimes need adapters functional for non-Apple compatible devices.

Audio Interface

Next, consider using I/O capabilities that don’t need plugging in with a mouse or keyboard. You need to think about the items you require to connect within the chosen DAW.

Most DAWs require an Audio interface for recording a track line-in, direct from an XLR or TRS. These are typically Bus-powered. For this reason, you will need a high speed, high definition connection.  The Laptop with Thunderbolt 3 or USB 3.0 is greatly recommended here.


Some Audio interface controllers or MIDI interfaces can easily be plugged into your Audio interface. Others, however, need a separate USB power of their own.

There are certainly a good number of elegant laptop models out there. The ones discussed here are primarily suited to a specific level of music production. If you want to up your music production business, you will probably require around $1200 to succeed. The larger the budget, the better.

Hot Tips

  • Before you decide to make a purchase that narrows down the OS requirements, make sure you have a suitable digital audio workstation clearly in mind.
  • Select a model featuring an i5 dual-core processor minimum. Go for the i7 if possible.
  • Ensure there is an abundance of SSD storage available on board.
  • It is better to have some extra RAM than the DAW specifies. Keep your options open.
  • The chosen RAM should go above-average speed (1600MHz +).
  • Make sure it has 2 or 3 USB ports that are up- to- date.

Best Laptops for Production

It is clear, from this information, that some of the products that are generally considered to be ideal simply don’t measure up to the needs of most instrumental producers. However, machines like the DELL XPS, which are thin and light, would make for a great choice.

This is undoubtedly one of the best music production laptops that are available on the open market. To be sure, it has a high price tag, mainly due to the nature of its touchscreen. If this isn’t very important to you, you could go for a top-spec LCD screen model. This is slightly more pocket-friendly.

Other top recommendations for the best laptop for music production include the Asus Rog Strix, the Alienware and the Razer blade stealth laptops.

Where Can You Find the Best Laptop For Music Production that Suits Your Budget?

Yes, where? These days budget issues is a big matter. Think of good wisdom. Unfortunately, in this world of audio production, the keyword is: the faster the better. Beware of this! Try as much as you can to avoid crashes, glitches or latency loss right in the middle of your recording.  The top laptops suitable for audio production all make for some reasonably- priced budget choices.

For the best value for your money, we are happy to recommend either the Razer Blade Stealth or the Allenware . Each of these top-quality gaming laptops is superb, with high-end graphics and excellent sound processing capability.  They also offer high clock speeds, superior CPUs, and fair RAM and storage. Realistically speaking, you may still not find them to be cheap enough.

Lenovo Yoga Book is the Cheapest

The cheapest option on this list is, probably, the tablet option; the Lenovo yoga book. Unfortunately, this one only runs an Android operating system and will not manage most full DAW.  It, however, makes for some good option if you are running a limited budget. Indeed, this can work really well for those who are just starting in songwriting or the curious, cash-limited younger users.  There are many useful apps with great content that are suitable for basic audio production. If you find that your budget cannot stretch to the 1000 dollar mark, then the Lenovo Yoga Book might be an excellent starting point.

Which Is Better For Music Production – A Laptop or Desktop?

Ultimately, all things considered, a desktop is best for music production. For one, desktops can easily be upgraded and built-on to suit personal and business specifics. Regardless, although these are more capable, desktops have their own little drawbacks.

For instance, they need to be set up and remain almost permanently where they are located.  They are, however, a worthy investment if you really want to set up a home studio. Remember, though, that we live in a world that is ever on the move. The ability to carry your work wherever you go is, therefore, a precious consideration.

Laptop convenience

If you have already set up a studio a laptop for music production, this is undoubtedly an essential tool. With a laptop, you may take those hours of endless editing home. It will enable you to do your work in a more pleasant environment.

There are quite a few good laptops around which allow for great convenience. The ability to set up shop, within a moment, at any time, is a priceless matter. However, if you actually want to get a competent laptop, with the right set of specs, you will need to invest no less than $2,500 or more in that. This can turn around your music production business.


If you decide to invest in a new laptop that can handle your DAW workloads well, you will need a machine with a great processor, adequate USB ports ( 3.0 or Thunderbolt), fast memory speeds, a decent storage capacity and a 16+ GB of RAM.

When considering a plunge into a costly investment like buying a good laptop for audio production, you should ensure you are very well-informed before you actually part with a large amount of money.

This post has striven to ensure that you get all the necessary information and that this is presented in a clear manner. Remember that the subject of the computer is very complex in nature and needs plenty of space to cover adequately.

Technology Advancing

We have striven, in this post, to put the facts in concise terms and elaborate on all vital aspects  that you require to find a laptop  carrying optimum performance  and  suitable for the digital audio workspace.

Technology keeps improving fast. The modern market is, therefore, glutted with many high-performance laptops. What is essential is to know which DAW you wish to use. How do you intend to use it?  Go ahead and find a suitable laptop that meet your requirements.

OS and Processor

To get the best laptop for audio production, your main concern should be the machine’s processing power and correct OS.  Once you have narrowed down to that, all that remains is to find a laptop that fits within your price range. Buy a machine that is rich in rapid RAM and has enough SSD storage for speedy retrieval.

If you have a good amount of cash to investment in a laptop, remember that PC Audio Labs make some fantastic laptops. These are specifically aimed at audio and music production. Some high-end models come with profuse processors and generous gigabytes. They are an excellent choice because they are designed with music producers in mind. For this reason, they are well-tailoredd to music production purposes from start to finish.

Android Apps

There are a lot of Android audio production Apps readily available. These can give you access to some essential music-making tips at your fingertips. Of course, you can always get a cheaper tablet device, which might suffice if your budget is limited.

Final Thoughts

There are many laptops available for music production.  At the end of the day, what matters is to put your craft into practice. That means you need to make music-good music!

Many amateur producers delve too much into issues like new gear while forgetting to spend enough time to compose, record and produce. What is the point? You don’t just try to get the best laptop for producing music. Make sure you produce some music in the final analysis.

Facebook Page

It is a good idea to post any new productions on platforms like the Audio Mentor’s Facebook page. In this way, the music and fan community can listen to it and probably give some feedback that helps you to grow.

So, are you an established or upcoming music producer? You have a good selection of top laptops available here. Most of these are specifically designed for music production. You just need to consider all the information and take what works best for you. Cheers as you do this!

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