Dell vs. HP: Which Brand To Choose in 2019?

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Dell vs. HP: Which Brand To Choose in 2019?

Finding the best laptop that works excellently is essential for tasks that require the use of a modern laptop. In today’s market, two laptop brands stand out more than the rest, and these two brands are Dell and HP. This is because these two brands have created trust and reputation among users, which makes them the two most opted for laptop brands. Even though they are the most sought after brands, they have a few features that set them apart. These features decide the best laptop brand for a specific task.

HP Pavilion 15T 15-Inch Commercial Laptop

HP Pavilion 15T 15-Inch Commercial Laptop

  • A smooth all-metal finish gives this laptop a sharp, polished look
  • With dual HP speakers, HP Audio Boost, and custom tuning by the experts at B&O PLAY, you can experience rich, authentic audio. Let the sound move you.
2 Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Laptop

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Laptop

  • Enjoy the crisp detail of 15.6" FHD non-touch anti-glare display to see everything better, especially outside or in bright light
  • Enjoy the crisp detail of 15.6" FHD non-touch anti-glare display to see everything better, especially outside or in bright light

Between HP and Dell, which laptop brand is perfect for you?

Before we can answer this question, let us look at the individual laptop brands then point out similarities and difference.


Dell is a laptop brand by Dell Inc., which is a US multinational computer technology company that is headquartered in Texas, USA. Michael Dell founded Dell Inc. in 1984 and it develops and sells computers, software, smartphones, cameras, High Definition TVs, network switches and other electronic products. Since 1984, Dell Inc. has always produced high-quality and top-performing laptops which have gained trust from customers all over the world, making Dell laptops one of the most sought after laptop brands.

Laptops and components from Dell

Dell Inc. develops and sells laptops that you could use for home or office tasks. Home laptops and office laptops are different, which means that you will have to buy the relevant laptop for either home or office tasks. Some of the laptop models under the Dell brand include:

  • Inspiron laptops.
  • G-Series laptops.
  • XPS laptops.
  • 2-in-1 PCs.
  • Inspiron Chrome book.
  • Alienware laptops.
  • Vostro, Latitude.
  • Precision Mobile Workstations.

Most of these Dell models use the quad-core Intel processors while some use the AMD processors. Dell laptops that feature the quad-core processors are more expensive compared to those that use the dual-core processors. Dell laptops with dual-core processors are entry-level, which is why they are budget-friendly models. Besides, high specifications make a laptop more expensive and perform better.

The screen size also varies among the Dell models. You could find models whose screens are 11 inches while some have 18 inches screens. This gives you a wide option to choose from as far as the screen size is concerned. Depending on personal preferences, you could choose a screen size that works best for you. Dell also makes laptops that feature a touchscreen functionality, which comes in handy in some situations!

Generally, Dell laptops have an excellent screen resolution which brings more life to picture quality. And to make sure that you get the best picture quality ever, Dell laptops feature top-of-the-line graphics card in the market. The graphics cards in question include Integrated Graphics, AMD, Intel and NVidia.

Most specifications that Dell laptops feature are top-of-the-line and make the Dell laptops to perform exceptionally better than most laptop brands in the market. However, battery capacity of Dell laptops is low since these batteries are usually either 2-cell batteries or 3-cell batteries which power up the laptops for a short time.

Dell laptops Design and Price

Dell laptops come in a wide array of colours which are appealing to buyers all over the world. For example, the Alienware laptops come in eye-catching colours that appeal to buyers especially gamers.

In terms of laptop sleekness, Dell laptops are number last among these two brands since they have a basic look. But don’t let that basic look fool you since Dell laptops have one of the best cooling systems that computer technology companies have to offer. If you use your Dell laptop correctly, your cooling fan won’t even have to start! Your laptop will be cooling itself without the cooling fan kicking in, unlike HP laptops that get hotter making the cooling fan to be in constant rotation.

Also, Dell laptops give their users the chance to customize such features as the operating system and keyboard though at a cost, unlike HP laptops. When it comes to pricing, Dell laptops are generally cheaper than HP laptops. This pricing range makes Dell laptops to be available for every budget. Even the entry-level laptops that cost less have an excellent performance, which adds more rating to Dell laptops.

Dell Laptops Customer Support

Dell laptops have one of the best customers’ supports that you could ever come across. Their customer support options include service request, chat, email, and phone. Also, you could visit their official website where you will find informational articles that will address any issue that you have.

When accessing their customer support via a chat, email or phone you will get an instantaneous response, which makes their customers support even faster and better. Also, Dell laptops come backed with a 12-month warranty which you could extend at your convenient time by paying some additional amount.

Dell Laptop Innovation

Dell Inc. constantly innovates its laptops to make them faster and better with each passing day. Some of the aspects that they innovate are the software and the specifications, which improve performance thereafter. Because of the innovations, Dell XPS laptops now feature the Dell Cinema which gives you a cinematic experience right on your laptop. This innovative feature revolutionizes your laptop’s colour, stream and sound so that you only get the best cinematic performance from your XPS laptop. Also, Dell’s Vostro and Inspiron laptops have innovations that make them have high-quality body construction materials, superior performance and amazing design. Besides, Dell announced a whole list of innovations during the IFA 2018 that aims to make their home and office laptop models perform better than ever before. So, Dell constantly innovates its laptops for better and faster performance.


Dell laptops’ excellent performance and high-quality body designs have earned them a spot in the international awards scene. When talking about recognition, Dell XPS 13 was recognized and honoured by the CES 2018 Innovation Awards. Also, Laptop Mag ranked Dell laptops as the third best-selling laptops in 2018. Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 PC was also awarded the Best PC of the Year 2018 during the Trusted Reviews Awards 2018. As such, Dell laptops have created a reputation that is hard to beat in the computer technology sphere, and the international recognitions speak eloquently in support of this claim.


HP Inc., which stands for Hewlett Packard, is an American multinational IT company that’s headquartered in Palo Alto, California, USA. Bill Hewlett and David Packard founded HP Inc. in 1939 and it develops and sells electronic products such as laptops, desktop computers, 2-in-1 PCs, 3D printing machines, printers, ink and toner, displays and accessories, software security, VR and other business solutions and services.

Laptops and components from HP

HP categorizes its laptops and 2-in-1 PCs under the following names:

  • Business laptops.
  • Premium laptops.
  • Traditional laptops.
  • Gaming laptops.
  • Workstations laptops.
  • Convertible laptops.
  • Detachable laptops.

These HP laptops have models. For example, business laptops come in the following models:

  • Elite
  • Pro
  • Essential
  • Cloud computing

Each of these laptops and their models serve a specific purpose, which means that you will have to buy the appropriate HP laptop or model for its intended purpose. Intel and AMD are the two major processors that HP laptops use to operate. More expensive and high specification HP laptops use the latest generation Intel processors which makes them perform excellently when you put them to their intended task. Even though most HP laptops use the latest generation Intel processors, some feature a dual-core processor in their body build and design. But since the dual-core processors are few under this brand, there is a higher chance you will get your hands on the best HP laptop. So you don’t have to worry.

When you look at the graphics cards, HP laptops use the following graphics chips in their performance: Intel HD, Intel UHD, NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon. And in their gaming laptops, HP uses the powerful and efficient NVIDIA GeForce graphics chip that enhances picture quality. As such, HP laptops come in handy when it comes to picture quality. HP laptops have varying screen sizes ranging from 12 inches to 22 inches. As such, HP has one of the largest laptop screens ever seen in computer technology companies. So, if you need a laptop with a large screen for some reason, you know which brand to choose from.

Also, most HP laptops have an FHD screen resolution which could even be higher in more expensive models. This screen resolution makes sure that you have an excellent picture quality that is realistic. HP laptops also use the LED-backlit screens which have an anti-glare technology to protect your eyes while staring at your display. And to add more functionality to their design, HP laptops have a touchscreen technology which could help you navigate your electronic device with a lot of ease.

Unlike Dell laptops whose batteries are either 2 or 3 cells, HP laptops have 3 or 4 cells batteries which outperform Dell’s batteries. You will, therefore, get between 6 and 12 hours of non-stop performance from these HP laptops because of their high-performance batteries!

HP laptops Design and Price

When it comes to design, HP has beaten Dell. HP laptops feature sleek designs that instantly attract customers. Also, their designs are sophisticated and this adds aesthetical beauty to HP laptops.

A good example of a sleek, sophisticated and aesthetically beautiful HP laptop is the HP Spectre Folio. This HP laptop features a bold design that its top designers crafted with 100% genuine chrome-tanned leather. As such, the HP Spectre Folio blends well with almost any lifestyle!

Generally, HP laptops are durable, rigid and reliable since they feature high-quality metals and materials such as Aluminium and Carbon fibre in their body casing. However, HP is the last one among the two brands when it comes to colour options.

When it comes to pricing laptops, HP laptops are more expensive than Dell laptops. This makes it difficult for people within a budget to acquire HP laptops. It is understandable why HP laptops are more expensive than Dell laptops- HP laptops use higher-quality casing materials and components as well as higher specifications in making their laptops. But still, Dell is beating HP in the affordability arena.

HP Customer Support

There is a wide array of platforms that you could use to contact the HP customer support. Some of the avenues that you could use include phone calls, chat, HP support community, Facebook, Twitter and Facebook messenger. However, you might not get excellent assistance if you opt for making phone calls as a means of contacting their customer support since not all attending support executives have sufficient knowledge regarding the issue you have.

While using social media such as the Facebook messenger to contact the HP customer support, you will have to be time conscious since this platform operates between 8 am and 6 pm EST. When you contact the support via the social media platform, you will get a response in less than 2 hours.

Another great HP customer support option is their videos on their YouTube channel. If you have a problem, you could just search for a video that will address the problem at hand. It is important to note that HP customer support services differ from one HP product to another.

Generally, HP laptops come with a 12-month warranty though some models have an extended warranty period which is excellent customer support. This warranty protects consumers against hardware failures due to manufacturer’s error. Besides, their 90-day free phone support is great when there is a need to contact them via phone before the expiry of the 90 day timeframe. Dell outshines HP when it comes to customer support via phone. Many customers have reported spending a lot of time on the phone before talking to a support assistant from HP Inc. Also, they have reported that HP support assistants seem to be only knowledgeable in Anti-Virus software making them have inefficient customer support.

HP laptop Innovations

HP laptops have also garnered attention from International Consumer Electronics Show 2019 because of innovating their HP x360 3-in-1 convertible device which features a magnetic stylus pen. This stylus pen notifies you when you leave it behind, making this to be one of the best innovations by a computer technology company. Also, the HP x360 3-in-1 convertible laptop has an etched glass screen that makes note-taking by hand very easy.

Another great HP laptop that features a state-of-the-art innovation is the HP Spectre Folio. This laptop has a leather casing, an excellent battery life, a 4K display resolution that has the best picture quality and great sound quality, thanks to its excellent acoustics. Besides, you could use the HP Spectre Folio as a tablet!

HP Laptop Recognitions

There are remarkable HP laptops that have gained accolades because of high performance and high-quality materials of body construction that they feature in their body build and design. One such laptop is the HP Spectre x360 which won the best computing device of the year at the News18 Tech and Auto Awards 2018. Also, HP has been recognised for its high performing HP Omen 15 gaming laptop. HP doesn’t garner recognition because of its laptops alone. It has also gained recognition for making some of the best printers, tablets and displays.

Dell vs. HP: The Main Differences

Despite Dell and HP being the most sought after laptop brands, they have some differences that set them apart. There are a few factors that buyers look out for when choosing a laptop. Those factors could include pricing, performance, material quality and battery life.

When looking for a laptop with a wider model option, then Dell is your go-to laptop brand. But if you’re looking for a sleek design with high performance, then HP is your go-to laptop brand. Generally, HP laptops are sleek in their design and they feature the highest specifications and components such as graphics card in their body construction and design. This makes them perform demanding tasks perfectly well.

Dell laptops also perform excellently, even those that cost less. The only setback is Dell laptops have a basic look which might not be eye-catching for buyers who are looking for more stylish laptops that guarantee performance despite their sleek design. When it comes to colour options, Dell is showing HP some tail lights.

HP laptops use metal casing which makes them more durable than their Dell counterparts. So, if longevity is one of your major concern, then you could choose HP laptops. If battery life is a top priority when buying a laptop, you could choose HP laptops since their batteries are either 3-cell or 4-cell, making them perform longer than Dell laptops.

If you need a reasonably priced laptop that performs home and light office tasks exceptionally well, then you can choose Dell laptops or Dell models. Generally, Dell has better customer support when you compare it to HP customer support. All in all, these two laptop brands perform exceptionally well at their intended tasks. You will need to look further than just aesthetics if you want a great laptop. The key to finding the best laptop is buying a laptop that dedicates good service to doing what its manufacturers made it for. If you are a gamer, you will need to buy a gaming laptop but not a home laptop since games are demanding and have a lot of specification requirements. The good news is both Dell and HP have high performing gaming laptops that you could buy.

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