The Battle of the Laptop Giants, Lenovo, and Dell; Which Brand will You Choose in 2019? Here are the Facts, Make Your Choice!

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The Battle of the Laptop Giants, Lenovo, and Dell; Which Brand will You Choose in 2019? Here are the Facts, Make Your Choice!

The laptop is today virtually indispensable in many people’s life. Can we do without it? Indeed, the laptop has become more like a staple food in the lives of millions of people around the globe.

Consider this: Are you a college student in need of a Chromebook for class, but one that is budget-friendly? On the other hand, are you, perhaps, a top-ranking company executive who must use the high- end 2-in 1 model to deliver the forthcoming presentation with company executives and shareholders?

Regardless of where you fall in this matrix, it is an undeniable fact that the laptop has significantly revolutionized our lives, making it a lot easier and more enjoyable than we would have imagined just a decade ago. Indeed, in so many ways, this is undoubtedly the case; Life is now much better, more convenient, and desirable due to the use of these remarkable digital gadgets.

Lenovo Thinkpad E590

Lenovo Thinkpad E590

  • Built for business—tested for life
  • Up to 8th Generation Intel® Core i7-8565U Processor
  • Up to 512 GB PCIe SSD
2 Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Laptop

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Laptop

  • Enjoy the crisp detail of 15.6" FHD non-touch anti-glare display to see everything better, especially outside or in bright light
  • Enjoy the crisp detail of 15.6" FHD non-touch anti-glare display to see everything better, especially outside or in bright light


What Should You Consider Before Buying?

When buying a laptop, one of the first considerations should be the desire for the machine to last for many years and still work. To ensure this, you should select a laptop that is manufactured by one of the most respected and trusted brands in the world. Unquestionably, Lenovo and Dell happen to rank high on the list of top contenders for honors in this category.

Lenovo and Dell, the top- two reputed giants are, doubtless, the leading producers of laptops. They have been here for long . No wonder, they continue to retain hordes of loyal customers, going on to attract new ones. Many are attracted by the great line-up of products that these celebrated market leaders offer to customers all over the world.

For these reasons, if you have come down to choosing between these two leading brands, you may opt to use the following detailed comparison of the top laptop producers.  This well-thought-out comparison can help you save a lot of time and guide you in making a wise, balanced decision. So the big question again comes: When things go down the wire, and you have to pick between Lenovo and Dell, which brand will prove to be just perfect for you?

Which is Really Perfect, Lenovo or Dell?

Let us get a brief history of Lenovo. Interestingly, Lenovo’s twin headquarters are located in either regions of far-flung parts of the earth. One is found in Morrisville, North Carolina, USA and the other in faraway Beijing, China. Lenovo is a well-known Chinese multinational company that manufactures, designs, and sells smartphones, smart TVs, PCs, tablets, and a lot more technological equipment.

The company has been trying out a variety of new innovative technologies and designs packed in their products. Over time, these unique offerings have earned Lenovo a permanent place of honor in the electronics market. As of March 2019, Lenovo was known to control the highest market share among many other vendors in the world personal computer business.

Unique Laptops and Components

Lenovo, being a leading company, has long appreciated the fact that different people have different priorities. In recognition of this, the various types of laptops that are manufactured by Lenovo include performance laptops uniquely designed for professionals and gamers, budget laptops aimed for the mass audience, ultra-portable laptops designed for frequent travelers, and the unique, innovative 2-in-1 laptops that are great for people who want something interesting.

All these categories of laptops are available under different names. Among these is the ThinkPad, Yoga, Legion, Lenovo, and Ideapad. Each of these machines has a separate laptop series from which the customer may make a selection.

Intel HD Processors

Talking about components, most laptops made by Lenovo come uniquely equipped with Intel processors. They are, thus, capable of delivering excellent performance and speeds. The most modern, latest, high-end laptop models that are manufactured by Lenovo also offer Hexa-core (or 6 core) and quad-core processors. Their budget range, on the other hand, contains dual-core processors. This brand uses MediaTek processors. These are well-suited for Lenovo’s famous Chromebook models.

In terms of graphics, you will discover that Lenovo has used Intel HD Graphics on numerous devices. The high spec types, especially the gaming models, offer NVIDIA GeForce graphics which works well for optimum performance.

Lenovo’s Downside: Screen Resolutions and Color Options

Lenovo laptops are generally available in a variety of screen sizes and varying resolutions, ranging from HD, UHD, and FHD. You are always free to choose from many options, according to your needs. Screen resolution, however, happens to be the slight downside for Lenovo laptops, especially when compared to specific Dell models which fall into the similar price range.

Most Lenovo laptops offer 3-cell and 4-cell batteries. These are well capable of delivering decent battery life. Most can last between 5 and 10 hours. There are, however, some models from this brand that have demonstrated that they can deliver way more in matters of battery life. This is excellent news, indeed.

Lenovo’s Positive Side:  Sleek Design, Competitive Price, Long-Life Battery

Sleek design is one of the most positive aspects of Lenovo in the competitive laptop market.  Many of Lenovo’s latest range of devices are well designed to give highly functional services. Moreover, they are intended to be quite attractive. For instance, their Yoga series of laptops are undoubtedly among the most stylish models that you can find in the market today. The company has, similarly, ensured that their basic Chromebooks look and feel good due to their slim, compact design.

Lenovo certainly gets a tick in the design box. Regardless, what can be quite frustrating for most customers is the lack of functional color options.It is especially disappointing since many other brands are rapidly coming up with many different, appealing color options packed in their devices. If you buy Lenovo, as always, you will only get the usual black, grey or silver colors. This denies you many exciting color options from which you could choose.

As far as pricing issues go, the Lenovo brand has laptops that are priced for virtually every budget possibility. It does not matter whether you want a high-spec gaming machine, a pocket-friendly laptop, or a medium-priced model, fit for everyday use; you can always find one that perfectly suits your needs. Lenovo laptop prices are generally low, compared to what other companies require as the price for laptops of similar specifications.

Modest Customer Support

Lenovo laptops are designed to be robust and reliable. They mostly come with a 12-month warranty. This can always be extended for an additional charge. What is certain is that, regardless of their high quality, you will need support at some point in time. This is where the brand’s customer support section comes in.

Lenovo enables customers to reach them through different means. The first and easiest option to contact the company’s support is via their live chat feature. This can be done by entering a few details, including your name, contact number, email ID, serial number and product type.

You only need to give a brief description of your issue and you are good to go. The chat avenue is, however, only open between 10 am and 10 pm EST. This applies from Monday to Friday, meaning that you may need to wait for quite some time in case you require support during a different time.

Call for Improvement

You may easily arrange for a call- back from Lenovo’s support team to have your queries answered. You can get in touch with customer care either on social media channels as well as through the giant Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, Lenovo offers an exclusive community forum that you can readily access to get solutions for issues. Also, you can find out if others have experienced similar problems and devised solutions for them. At the same time, you are welcome to offer suggestions to others’ issues.

Overall, Lenovo’s customer support system requires improvement with regards to their response time whenever a customer has issues to discuss.

Impressive Laptop Innovation

For a fact, laptops are getting better from one year to the next. To keep up with this, Lenovo has progressively initiated steps to innovate their laptops as much as possible.  The company has made good improvements in its graphics and processors, and their laptops are becoming ever thinner and smaller. Happily, this makes traveling with these gadgets easier.

One of the most amazing innovations from Lenovo is the magnificent dual display, complete with an E Ink panel. While the dual-display facilitates users to perform multiple simultaneous functions, the E ink panel offers excellent performance both as an e-reader and illustration pad.

There are many other innovations of this kind that have been introduced by the company. The highlight, however, is that such innovations do not limit the performance or power capacity of their devices in any way.

Recognition, Awards, and Achievement

Lenovo has, over the years, attained significant recognition from various respected sources, including high-profile tech magazines, experts, and other authorities. In 2018, the brand was feted as the best laptop vendor. This significant recognition was awarded, for the second successive year, by the respected Laptop Mag.

 Lenovo laptops have, remarkably, won 10 editor’s choice awards. This is certainly more than any other brand. Interestingly, Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Carbon seems to be the only device of its kind to have attained a five-star rating. Significantly, Lenovo laptops are also widely praised for their great, long-lasting battery life.

Dell Computers

Dell is a renowned American multinational technology company. It was founded in 1984. Dell’s headquarters are located in Texas, US. The company develops, repairs and sells computers and various tech products. Dell is recognized as one of the largest tech firms in the world. Apart from producing and selling laptops and other personal computers, the company also trades in printers, data storage devices, cameras, software and many other devices of similar type.

Laptops and Components

Dell is a master at keeping things simple. Today, their laptops are mainly categorized as either home or work machines. Under these two categories come different identifying names. These include the likes of Inspiron Laptops, 2-in-1 PCs, XPS Laptops, Vostro, Alienware Laptops, Latitude, Precision Mobile Workstations, and others. Each of these names contains a list of different laptop series that are available in various price ranges.

Dell processors are primarily Intel and AMD. Just like Lenovo, Dell’s budget-friendly models offer both dual-core and higher-priced processors. An example of one that operates with quad-core processors is gaming machines.

Dell’s Downside – a Shorter Battery-Life

The screen size of most Dell laptops ranges somewhere between 11 inches and 18 inches.  The biggest screen will usually be found on Dell’s gaming laptops. These screens come as HD, UHD displays, and FHD. They offer excellent screen resolution and superb picture quality.

For your basic graphic needs Dell uses AMD Radeon, NVIDIA GeForce, NVIDA and Integrated Graphics on their laptops.  Moreover many Dell laptops arrive with 2-cell and 3-cell batteries. For this reason, long battery life isn’t quite the strongest point in Dell-manufactured devices.

Non-Sleek Design, Competitive Pricing

Dell is relatively well-known for its reliable, practical, durable design and construction. Simply put, Dell laptops are not very famous as the most pleasing laptops in terms of physical appearance. This means that if you want a computer that is somewhat ultra-slim, shiny, sleek, and unique in color, then you should go shopping elsewhere. That said, it is clear that Dell gives you some great color options that are way better than what competing brands like Lenovo offers.

In terms of price, Dell matches well with Lenovo. Dell machines are generally competitively priced. Overall, Dell products are priced to accommodate varying budgets. Of course, even the cheapest laptop of the Dell brand performs amazingly better than most of the higher-priced options offered by the leading competing companies.

Also, Dell allows the buyer the option to customize their laptop. In this scheme, you can choose particular specifications to suit your personal needs. These include the keyboard, operating system, color, and warranty. This will, however, cost you more than what it takes to buy a standard computer model.

Prompt Customer Support, Good Warranty

Dell is a widely trusted company. It has mostly earned its reputation by giving excellent customer support. The company provides several contact options, including phone, email, chat, and service requests.

The Dell company website features informative articles and support topics that are individually tailored for each laptop series. This information occurs separately, providing great info on every Dell device that you might possess. Significantly, the response from Dell’s customer support team is quite prompt. The service enables you to have your problems resolved in good time.

In terms of the warranty, Dell’s package is similar to Lenovo’s. It gives you a 12-month warranty for each Dell laptop. The warranty basically covers all types of hardware failure. You may extend the warranty period for a small additional cost.

Celebrated Laptop Innovation

When it comes to innovation, Dell matches well with Lenovo. The brand listens to all feedback, suggestions, and complaints from its customers. The company regularly upgrades its products with new and improvised features that meet customer demands.

Additionally, Dell is a recipient of several awards celebrating significant innovations. The latest of these is the Express Sign-in feature that was included in the Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1. This machine gained fame as the world’s smallest commercial laptop. The innovation won the coveted 2019 CES Editors’ Choice award. Another first from Dell was its achievement with the new XPS 13 laptop. Remarkably, this laptop features the smallest HD webcam that has ever been incorporated in a laptop.

More Recognition

Taking the cue from Lenovo, Dell was recently crowned the 2018 third-best laptop vendor. This recognition came courtesy of the respected Laptop Mag. The XPS 13 model, on the other hand, was named the top laptop overall. The Dell brand also received commendation and accolades for its improved tech support.  It was noted that, through this enhanced support by Dell, customers are conveniently assigned personal tech support.

Dell’s XPS 15 2-in-1 additionally received coveted honors for the Best PC of the Year 2018. It received more honors at the 2018 Trusted Reviews Awards. The company went on to receive many more prizes and recognition for its pioneering CSR initiatives.

The Main Difference Between Lenovo and Dell

In terms of performance, specifications and overall pricing, we cannot say that there is much difference to point out between Lenovo and Dell, the world’s top- two tech manufacturer brands. Certainly, both brands offer a wide array of laptops that are suited for different levels of budgets, applications, and which are priced per the specification.

The areas that may be pinpointed as representing significant differences would, perhaps, be in terms of customer service and design. In both these areas, Dell does better. As earlier pointed out, Dell laptops offer more color choices. Dell has better customer service options and much quicker response time in case of customer complaints.

Additionally, if you want a comprehensive package with your laptop, Dell should be your automatic choice. Dell gives a great deal right from the moment of making the purchase onwards to the time that you are likely to need after-sales support.

Lenovo’s Advantage

If, on the other hand, you don’t care much about the design factor in your laptop, or just prefer plain, basic design and color then Lenovo is the automatic answer.

Moreover, if you think customer support doesn’t matter much for you, then, hurry, go for it! Lenovo is the machine of choice. It will offer you many great features, including long battery life. In this instance, Lenovo is the answer.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the brand that you finally choose, always remember to carry out in-depth research before making a decision. Analyze your needs and think about all the factors involved. If you do this before selecting the laptop model that you believe will suit you best, you will achieve greater success. Chances are, you will choose a machine that will serve you quite well, for a long time. You have to make a decision. The facts are here. Whether it is the celebrated Lenovo or the much-loved Dell Laptop, the choice is now yours.

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